“If you had a choice to see your [economic] future,
would you want to know ?

We do.”

– Walter Mussil

our story

A team of experienced senior finance professionals, mathematicians and risk analysts developed and tested a multidimensional algorithmic system [MAS]. Based on that system they created services, which are currently implemented in more than a dozen major financial institutions, and have been approved by central banks, regulators and auditors.

This forms the basis of a highly innovative and benchmark-setting cluster of online finance services: Management of credit portfolios, receivables and quantitative equity funds.

Based on fundamental information of millions of corporates, these services enable economic analysis & predictions – of enterprises, industries, geographical regions and world markets – to any point into the future.

This combination of data, aggregation and visualisation of analytic possibilities with an backtested and certified prediction model makes Quantic Financial (formerly Quantic Risk) a leading analytics provider for risk & corporate intelligence solutions.

2018 Quantic Risk became a member of the C-Quadrat Investment Group and transformed into Quantic Financial Solutions. This strategic partnership leads Quantic with their new strong partner into the investment industry. New analytic products in the field of quantitative asset management with the use of next-generation technologies expand the service portfolio.

meet our team

Hans-Michael Schania

Hans-Michael Schania
Managing Partner

Hans-Michael Schania is managing partner and co-founder of Quantic Financial Solutions.

Hans-Michael has 17 years of experience in the Financial Industry. He earned his degree in business administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business specializing in Financial Markets. Previously he worked at Cheyne Capital Management in London and as a Senior PM in a bank and insurance company in Vienna.

Walter Mussil

Walter Mussil is partner and co-founder of Quantic Financial Solutions. Previously Walter was partner at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants in the Financial Services Competence Center and topic expert in risk and capital management supporting clients in Austria and Eastern Europe.

Walter has more than 22 years of industry experience in financial services. He studied mathematics in Vienna before joining Bank Austria/HVB’s risk management team. There he was instrumental in establishing market and credit risk management and led the development and implementation of an enterprise-wide credit portfolio model. Subsequently, he spent over five years at Oliver Wyman in London and Frankfurt providing advisory services to major financial institutions in Europe and abroad.

DI Walter Mussil
Dr. Andreas Henking

Andreas Henking

Andreas Henking is partner and co-founder of Quantic Financial Solutions and works in the fields of risk analysis, risk controlling and risk management since 1994. He holds a degree in statistics from LMU in Munich and received his PhD at TU Dresden. Since 2001, Andreas works as statistics and risk consultant as well as trainer for credit risk related topics. Main focus of his professional activities lies on credit risk portfolio modeling, rating development and validation.

Roland Demmel

Roland Demmel is partner and co-founder of Quantic Financial Solutions. Before founding QRS, Roland was a Senior Partner with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants heading the German Risk Management Practise.

Roland has 20 years of industry experience in financial services. He studied economics and engineering in Karlsruhe, Germany, and did his PhD in economics in Saarbrücken, Germany. Most of his consulting career he spent with Oliver Wyman as a Manager and KPMG as a Partner providing advisory services to major financial institutions in Europe, South Africa and Asia.

Dr. Roland Demmel
Dietrich Matthes

Dietrich Matthes

Dietrich Matthes is partner and co-founder of Quantic Financial Solutions. Before founding QRS, Dietrich was partner and head of Financial Services consulting for the Middle East with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants.

Dietrich has 18 years of industry experience in the Financial Services industry. He studied physics and economics in Erlangen and London (Imperial College), and did his PhD in Quantum Field Theory in New York, Erlangen and Tokyo (Komaba). Previously, he worked with Oliver Wyman on risk management in Europe, the US, the Middle East and Asia/Pacific before working as CRO of a bank in Germany.

Axel Walek

Axel Walek is partner of Quantic Financial Solutions. He has 15 years experience running own consultancy. Focused on business development and strategy – entrepreneur and CEO were the roles for the last years.

He studied communication management in vienna and did his master in brand strategy at the University of Arts London. He gained work experiences in Austria, Germany, Saudi Arabia and London with a cross-cultural approach. Ranging from design to business development to strategy consultancy for different companies and enterprises – from products to services and from art to technics.

Axel Walek

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