Product background

CreditDynamix® (CDX) is a leading edge system that allows banks and investors to reap the benefits of increased economic data availability. CreditDynamix® shows status, recent development and multi-year predictions of key balance sheet financials (including credit risk) based on macro economic scenarios for more than 140+ million corporates and 30.000+ financial institutions globally.

Where a rear-view mirror is often used in the market, CreditDynamix® combines historical data analysis with economic connections and latest techniques in big data predictive analysis to arrive at counterparty and credit quality predictions that are proven to be more accurate than any standard approaches.

State of the art user interface functionalities give total real-time transparency about portfolio and deal performance, portfolio hotspots and deal outlook for all corporates and financial institutions in existing and target markets.

Product specifics are:

  • Focused on fundamental corporate & financial institutions balance sheet forecasting and risk analysis
  • Based on cutting edge big data analysis (e.g. 140+ million corporates with 1+ billion balance sheets)
  • Fundamental linkage with macro economic factors enables best-in-class forecasting of corporates’ and FIs’ financials
  • Market proven and already audited by regulators
  • Available as customized standalone solution, as “plug & play” online solution (via cooperation partner BvD) or Library for in-house use
  • Clients are FIs, regulators, rating agencies, funds and corporates
  • Related & derived products: PPNR / ALLL/ satellite models, IFRS9 loss term structures, market correlation structures, world risk map, etc.


Product solutions

  • CDX Visualiser

    CDX Visualiser is a customized standalone implementation of the CreditDynamix®-Library which can calculate balance sheet forecasts for any corporate under any given macro economic scenario globally in realtime.
    • Based on corporate financial database (140Mio+ companies globally)
    • Fully flexible macro scenario definition and time horizon for projections into the future
    • Fully automated computation of financials, P&L, ratios and risk for any selection of companies
    • Country specific rating models and balance sheet projections are integrated component
    • Flexible result export functionality, e.g. into Excel

    Since December 2014 CreditDynamix® is available in Orbis, a global database containing information on nearly 150 million companies worldwide provided by Bureau van Dijk (Orbis).Orbis combines information from regulatory and other sources and delivers company information with added value.  For any firm within ORBIS, the ORBIS user can check how its balance sheet positions evolve along the EIU-CS (Economist Intelligence Unit – Consensus Scenario) and use this information to evaluate any KPI he/she is interested in - thus broadening the own basis for business decisions (e.g. company valuation, equity & credit risk analyses, market penetration etc.). This allows moving from a purely backward-looking approach to incorporate a forward-looking element. Orbis_screenshot
  • CDX in FACT

    CDX in FACT is a "Plug & Play" Online implementation of the CreditDynamix®-Library in cooperation with Bureau van Dijk (BvD). It is directly connected with BvD's data universe (corporates and financial institutions) and enables the user to calculate balance sheet forecasts for any corporate and FI under any given macro economic scenario globally online in realtime.
    • Online product linking macro economy and balance sheet financials
    • Available as “plug & play” online service
    • Model on country and on regional base
    • Rating models, early warning system and balance sheet projections are integrated components


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